Prof. Dr. Antônio Diomário de Queiroz

Diretor Geral da FUNCITEC

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In Santa Catarina, the role of FUNCITEC is to promote scientific and technological development by means of sponsoring research and integration of the scientific institutions, business corporations, government and society. In this way we salute the fact the Polymer Processing Society 2004 Americas Regional Meeting is being held in Florianópolis. We salute the best specialists and engineers worldwide in the field of polymer processing, representing the industrial and academic areas. We hope that the interchange of information, the scientific works and the technical discussions lead to a suitable environment for arising important innovations for the economical and social development.

The process of academic expansion in Santa Catarina is being led by policies of education, science and technology aiming to support the programs of regional development in a new model of decentralization. The universities integrate with the economical and social agents through the Regional Development Councils settled all around the State. FUNCITEC joins this process of development providing access to the Internet through the state network of science and technology. It supports the actions of research, community extension and innovation, by means of several programs towards the enhancement of the potentialities of the local productive arrangements.

The age of information, by intensifying the communication process among people worldwide, incorporates the concept of innovation in conjunction with science and technology. Innovation is the convergence of the history of several people and organizations towards a solution of future. We understand that the public policies of Science, Technology and Innovation constitute the support for the dynamic of the process of economical and social development with fair distribution of income and social inclusion. With this understanding the Brazilian National Congress is approving the New Law of Innovation. This Law aims to encourage the joint action of academic institutions and business corporations in order to create and disseminate the scientific and technological novelties in favor of the improvement of the quality of life of the population. This fact points out how opportune it is the PPS 2004 Americas Regional Meeting to being held in Florianópolis. And it highlights how welcome to Brazil would be the world event in 2007. In case it will be held Florianópolis in 2007, we can anticipate from now the state government support to the event.



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